Land Management

We provide a variety of land management services, such as:

Tree planting – We plant the highest quality seedlings to ensure excellent survival. We have crews that machine plant with farm tractors and dozers. We also have crews that hand plant seedlings.

Prescribed burns – Fire is an excellent tool for forestry and wildlife management.

We perform prescribed burns on natural timber as well as pine plantations.  We are a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager and will carefully plan and implement your fire plan.

Wildlife management – We help our clients achieve their goals in managing the wildlife on their property.  We can:

  • Make food plots for numerous game species such as deer and turkey, as well as strips and plots for quail.
  • Manage timber in relation to wildlife needs and requirements.
  • Choose the correct seasonal food sources  to increase wildlife populations.
  • Use controlled burns to promote brooding and nesting, to increase needed cover, and increase important food sources.

Land clearing – road construction – pond building – forestry mulching – We help our clients plan roads and other access through their property for management purposes and recreation.

We provide:

  • Clearing and raking for reforestation after timber is cut.
  • Clearing permanent fire lanes around property for fire protection.
  • Building fish ponds, duck ponds and wildlife food plots.
  • We also provide forestry mulching.

We have all the equipment needed for most any project.

Aerial inspections – We can fly over your property to assess the health of your forest land. We can spot pine beetle infestations early thus minimizing the loss of timber.  We can detect beaver activity or other encroachments that might have an impact on your timber. We can also map your land use on a regular basis so that anomalies are easier to spot.

Boundary painting – We periodically paint our clients property lines with high quality boundary paint.  This helps our clients as well as their neighbors know where the property lines are.

Mapping – Our team uses ArcMap, the latest and most cutting edge mapping software on the market today. We use this technology to prepare timber sales, calculate acreages, determine topography, and to meet many other needs. ArcMap is a very accurate and cost efficient method of mapping and determining acres of timber stands and tracts for many different cases.

Drone Inspections – We also provide our landowners with updated drone inspections of their property. These aerials are useful in the marketing of land sales, as well as pine beetle inspections, timber cutting updates, and many other scenarios.